Nero CD-DVD Speed 11.0.01000

A program for testing and optimizing the speed of your different PC disc drives

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    CD & DVD

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    Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows NT / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98 / Windows 95

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    7.4 (42)

Nero Disk Speed will help you to determine the speed of your DVD and CD drive.

If you feel that your CD and DVD drive are lacking in terms of speed and quality, it might be time for you to use a program known as Nero Disk Speed. This particular program is ideal for individuals who would like to learn more about the speed and efficiency of this particular drive on their computer. It will help you to feel totally confident knowing that you are using a drive that is working successfully. If your drive is not working successfully and is having speed issues, you will also be able to get helpful hints and tips for restoring the drive to its former optimization.


Utilizing Nero Disk Speed is a great software for individuals with older computers. You might want to learn more about the speed of your CD and DVD drive on your computer to see how it is functioning when in use. When you are able to learn the speed of this particular drive, you can take steps to improve it yourself. There are many ways for you to improve the speed of your hard drive, but it is a good idea to know about this particular speed before doing anything further. Nero Disk Speed will completely take the guesswork out of doing this for you, allowing you to see the exact speed at which your CD and DVD drive is running.


The large amount of features that Nero Disk Speed offers is quite impressive considering this is a completely free program. You do not have to worry that you are spending a small fortune just to download a software program to test the speed of your hard drive. In fact, a lot of people find that this program also takes up very little space on their system. This is just another feature and benefit of the program that you will find useful when downloading it yourself. There are so many positive reviews about this particular program online that it is safe to say it is one of the most downloaded speed testing software options available right now.


In order to begin utilizing Nero Disk Speed yourself, it is important to download it and use it on your computer. Once it has been downloaded, you can open and run it to test the speed of your CD and DVD drive. It will give you the results in very little time so that you can take steps to improve the quality of the speed once it has been completed. There is no fee involved with downloading this to your computer, and you will also not have to worry about a subscription fee being involved in the long run. Everything is completely free to use when downloading Nero Disk Speed.


  • Test the speed of your disk drive at any time.
  • Quick and effortless results


  • Only tests the disk drive, does not solve any problems.

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